Um… in the linked article you say “I’m calling bullshit.”

I would think the definition is that a political person is trying to get something they want by exerting political influence.

The best “political people” convince others that what they want is also what their audience wants. For example, equating “rich people” with “job creators”. You want a job, so you want policies that are good for rich people (I’m sure Fox News can find a reason why every pro-rich policy will create jobs). Or they stoke the hope that anyone can become rich if they work hard enough. “Don’t you want low taxes when you become rich?” Or they appeal to morality. “Rich people deserve their wealth. It would be wrong to steal it with taxes.” I’m not sure why this argument is so convincing—taxes created the infrastructure and institutions that wealthy people relied on before they became wealthy, hard work is rarely rewarded so handsomely as it is for the top 0.1%, and even if someone got rich working twice as hard as everyone else, it doesn’t logically follow that they deserve 10 times or 100 times as much money as everyone else — but the meme clearly works.

You’re certainly right that life is not a zero-sum game. But the fact that so many people buy into the above arguments suggests that people already know that on some level.

I learned that I’m in the minority — and that was news to me.

Having followed you awhile, I’m pretty sure you’re not a Trump supporter. Trump voters were in fact in the minority.

Fighting for a better world and against dark epistemology.

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