Pink Buses: The Nuclear Option

  • Nerve gas constantly escapes from the engine even when it is switched off, so that if someone were to sleep each night inside the engine compartment, they could get nerve damage.
  • There are some countries that build pink buses and also pink poison gas canisters. Some of the equipment used to build one can be useful in building the other.
  • We don’t trust standard scientific estimates of deaths from pink buses. The anti-pink coalition (known as “Greenpeace”) says those estimates are at least ten times too small.
  • Pink buses use a fuel that is not sustainable.
  • Even thousands of years after the bus is decommissioned, you can still potentially get nerve damage if you drink water that the engine has been soaked in. And we can’t trust pink-bus manufacturers to build containment structures that will last thousands of years. Too much corporate greed!
  • Expert terrorists could steal an engine, take it apart and rebuild it in a form that allows it to release a single giant poison gas cloud that could kill a thousand people at once, melting itself in the process!
  • Pink BRT buses are too large for many service routes.
  • The amount of nerve gas is quite miniscule, and nobody would sleep in the engine compartment anyway.
  • Poison gas canisters can be built without building pink buses. and vice versa;maybe the dual-use manufacturing equipment is the main risk factor rather than the buses themselves.
  • Even your 10x higher death estimate is small compared to the green/yellow/brown numbers.
  • Green buses use a fuel that is even less sustainable, and it is possible to greatly improve the sustainability of the pink ones but not the green ones
  • Other models of bus also contain substances that can poison a water supply, but in much larger quantities, and no one is asking for eternal containment structures for these other substances
  • There are several safeguards in place against the terrorist scenario, and moreover we can design buses specifically to make this scenario impractical or impossible. There may even be easier ways to kill a thousand people, too.
  • There are some companies working on “small modular pink buses”.



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David Piepgrass

David Piepgrass

Fighting for a better world and against dark epistemology.